Round Rock Students get to board a NASA shuttle and visit space

O’Connell Robertson’s Principal-in-Charge, Director of Architecture, and Education Team Director, Jarrod Sterzinger, sits on the board of the Round Rock Partners in Education Foundation. The Foundation delivered on an “Excellence in Education” grant which provided the funds to build a NASA-centric space lab in one of Brushy Creek Elementary School’s portable classrooms. This week kindergarteners visited the room for the first time, walking through the “shuttle” and eventually into “space”.

“It’s an amazing experience. It’s an opportunity I wish I had as a kid – to be able to come in and really explore, loving space and getting engaged and stepping through the shuttle, being out in space. They’ve engaged in VR and enriching that technology and the experience for our students – is an amazing opportunity – so I’m honored to be part of that.”– Jarrod Sterzinger

Watch the video here: