O’Connell Robertson team featured on ‘A Seat at The Table’ hosted by Alamo Colleges

O’Connell Robertson took ‘a Seat at the Table’ with the Alamo Colleges District to discuss students’ success beyond graduation. For the last seven years, O’Connell Robertson and industry partners have hosted the Job Shadow Day where students get to experience “a day in the life of an engineer or architect.” Misela Gonzales-Vandewalle, AIA, Senior Associate spoke about how students are paired with industry professionals in an effort to fully immerse in the work environment. Students are given the opportunity, through real life learning experiences, to sit in on meetings, participate in design charrettes, and visit sites to see how the design comes to life. The goal of the program is to show students the real-world application of the concepts learned in the classroom in order to help prepare for their future careers in architecture, engineering, and construction.

The Job Shadow Day is not only a great way for students to benefit from experiential learning, but it also benefits companies like O’Connell Robertson as it allows students to be well equipped to enter the workforce. Since the program started, members of our San Antonio and Austin offices, along with industry partners, have worked with over 500 students. Interest in the program continues to grow as more students embrace experiential learning opportunities to prepare them for life after graduation.

“Seeing another young woman as a Licensed Architect, was the inspiration I needed to prove I could one day be in the same place.” – Yazmin Esquivez, Architectural Intern

Yazmin, an Alamo Colleges SAC Graduate and now Architectural Intern with O’Connell Robertson is a prime example of how the program impacts students after graduation. During her second year at Alamo Colleges, Yazmin had the opportunity to participate in the Job Shadow Day with O’Connell Robertson. She described her experience as life-changing and a motivation to keep moving towards her goal to work in architecture. Since joining the firm earlier this year, Yazmin was able to host the Job Shadow Day with her colleagues at O’Connell Robertson, a rewarding experience that she shared with SACProud students.

As an industry partner with Alamo Colleges, O’Connell Robertson is committed to paving the way for students to enter the A/E industry, armed with the knowledge and skills to be successful in their career.

Watch the full video here: https://www.facebook.com/TheAlamoCollegesDistrict/videos/496795861448757/